Sam Ingram
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Creating. Exploring.

Hello, I'm Sam!

A creative mind from the UK.

I have M.E.>


My primary project allows me to create a wide range of art, including video games, stories, music, animations, websites and more.

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When I am able, I live-stream my work.

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Invisible Illness

Amongst other things, I've been fighting debilitating M.E. since I was 14 and depression has always been close behind.

M.E. is a highly misunderstood, under-researched and under-funded chronic illness that affects far more people than you might think.

To learn more about M.E. you can read these summaries:
M.E. Association or Action For M.E.

Please consider setting Action for M.E. as your chosen charity if you use Humble Bundles or Humble Monthly!

Support Me

If you'd like to support my work, there are a bunch of ways you can help!

Whether it's purchasing my games, subscribing to my Patreon or buying me a coffee, every little helps!

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